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Frequently Asked Questions

Renters Frequently Asked Questions


Q: "How much is the deposit?"

A: The security deposit varies. It is generally equal to one months rent but will be stated in each listing. Feel free to ask your leasing agent if you are unsure. 

Q: "How much is the application fee?"

A: The application fee varies by location but the usual fee is $60 per adult. This can be paid via money order or cashier's check made payable to Realiant Property Management or through our online application.

Q: "Do you check our credit?"

A:  We do require a credit check on all applicants over the age of 18. You cannot have any money owed to an electric company or landlord for any reason because it results in application being automatically denied. 

Q: "Do you check criminal background?"

A: Yes, our rental properties will require either no criminal background ever or no criminal record in the last 5-10 years. 

Q: "Do I have to sign a 12 month lease?"

A: Yes, on most of our rentals the minimum lease length is 12 months without exception. Longer or Shorter term leases may be available.

Q: "Can I paint the place I rent?"

A: Paint approval depends on the home and the owner. Approvals must be signed by management before you paint.


Q: "What happens if I am late with the rent?"

A: Rent is due on the 1st of the month and late on the 5th of the month at 5:00pm. Late fees are 10% of the monthly rent and then $5.00 per day after the 5th. 

Q: "What is your pet policy?"

A: We usually do allow pets with the exception of aggressive breeds such as Dobermans, Rottweilers, or Pit Bulls. There is typically a $300 non-refundable Pet Fee (one time only) required, plus $30.00 per month. Some owners do not allow any pets. The pet policy will be displayed for each property in the “Properties for Rent” section of this website or you can call and ask us. 

Q: "Q: "How do I apply?"

A: A: "Once you have taken a tour and decided which home you would like to call yours, you can fill out the application online or download the application and fax it to 859-756-0106 or email it to along with your proof of income. To streamline this process please request showings and apply for home via our webpage.  The application fee can be paid via money order, cashiers check or through the online application. 


Q: "How much does it cost to move in?"

A: In order to move in we require the first full months rent upfront along with security deposit and pet fee if applicable. All move in money must be paid via certified funds (money order or cashiers check only, or through your online resident portal). Once you move in you can pay by personal check or through our online resident portal. 


Q: "How long does that application process take?"

A: First you must view the home before we can process you application. If you are looking to rent sight unseen we recommend having someone you trust view the home for you. The first thing we require is your proof of income. Once that is verified we check your rental history. If those come back ok we proceed with the credit/criminal background. If we have all required documents and your current/previous landlords get back to us in a timely manner its possible to have the results as soon as the same day. But there are instances where if we are waiting on a paystub or a rental verification it can take several days. 

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