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Tenant Placement / Property Leasing Services

When you choose our Tenant Placement Service we will:


- Provide an on-site free rental analysis and advise property owners on the current market rent & best rentable condition.

- Market and advertise your vacancy(s) on over 50+ websites including the LBAR MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Etc...

- Schedule, conduct, and show properties to all prospective tenants.

- Process a background check on each potential tenant (verify income, work history,  credit check, rental history, criminal records, past evictions check, etc.)

- Prepare and sign all lease documents and addendums associated with each property and Tenant.

- We complete a thorough Move-In inspection, and pre move-in walk thru with tenants.

- Move-in tenants, complying with all state & local laws to protect owner's interest.

PLUS these great advantages including Realiant's Tenant Warranty:

- No upfront fees. Our fees are only deducted from the Tenant's rental payments.

- Free Tenant Warranty on all placed tenants when you use our management services. If a Tenant is evicted, we will market your property and find & screen new tenants absolutely free.

Benefits of Realiant's tenant warranty program:

- Gives you the property owner piece of mind!

- Minimizes the risk for you the property owner.

- Adds accountability to property manager to place only high quality tenants.

- Increases profits, by eliminating costly new leasing commissions!

- Covers not only a bad tenant, but a bad economy.

- Makes renting safer for you the property owner!






Lexington, Ky, Northern Ky, and Cincinnati Property Management and Rental Homes
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