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How To Apply

Click on "View Details" for any
property you are interested in,
then click the "Apply"
button to start the process.

Schedule a Showing

See a home in person by clicking
on "View Listing" for any property
you are interested in, then
click the
"Schedule a Showing" button.

Rental Requirements

Please read our rental guidelines

quirements before applying. 

Rental Guidelines

Applying for one of our rental properties is simple:


1) Please contact your Realiant location to verify the property you're interested in does not have a pending application and view our rental guidelines before applying.


View our Rental Guidelines     Tenant Frequently Asked Questions


*Application fees are non-refundable, please check with us to see if there are other pending applications before applying.


2) Click on your desired property in our Rental Search.


3) Once your on the Page for that Property, Click Apply Online


4) Complete our Online Rental Application


5) Pay Application fee.


6) Fill out and sign the Employer / Landlord Verification form *(This is required to be completed before your application will be processed. )

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