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What sets Realiant apart from other management companies?


The questions you should ask every property manager and why Realiant is the best management company for you!



Q: How many properties do you manage? How long have you been managing properties?


A: Realiant's partners have been managing rental properties for over 30 years! What started a small real estate brokerage representing buyers and sellers has developed into the leading Property Management company managing hundreds of properties in Central/Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati.



Q: Of these properties what is your occupancy/vacancy rate?


A: Our current occupancy rate for 2016 is 97 PERCENT!



Q: What methods do you use to advertise the property?


A: We use the latest technology in the property management & leasing field! We have always been ahead of the game in bringing technology to Leasing and Property Management! Today our websites,, get over 1,000 hits per day from prospective renters. We also place all of our available properties on over 50 national websites like,,,,,,, etc.!


Also, our Ads can frequently be heard on local TV and Radio like Kentucky Sports Radio, you can also find us the old fashion way by calling us from the sign in the yard!



Q: On average how long does it take you to fill a vacancy?


A: Every house is different, and the same old saying is true today "Location, Location, Location" but with our Rentals it's a bit easier that that. Typically Realiant's properties rent within the first 2-3 weeks on the market. We don't just rent to anybody though, we conduct a difficult Tenant screening process which you will learn about next to find the best Tenant for your property and situation. 


In the spring and summer time before school starts is our busiest period for leasing. Sometimes properties rent the first day on the market!




Q: What is your tenant screening process/guidelines?


A: Our Tenant screening process is very thorough, we would like to rent your property as fast as we can for you but we won't just place any prospect into your property and will not jeopardize quality over leasing time. If prospects don't meet our standards they won't be living in your house! We conduct an income verification, work history, credit check, rental history, criminal records, past evictions check, references from past landlords, SSN verification, terrorist check on each applicant that applies on your property!



Q: Do you have an online portal? How often will I receive reports? Do you have a sample one I may view?


YES! If you are considering or currently have your property(s) with another management company that doesn't offer you an online portal with the benefits we have, then they are doing you a disservice.


Your Portal lets you view your real-time account statement, 24/7, 365 days a week, anytime you want! Your portal allows you to see all Tenant work orders and Maintenance requests for your property, all invoices and copies of bills, copies of leases and tenant information documents as well as all the inspections conducted on your property. Our portal can not be beaten! You can also view detailed Owner statement reports and up to the minute live accounting records 24/7!


Click here to view a sample of our Owner Portal!




Q: Do you send out checks or use ACH transfer?


A: BOTH! Most of our owners these days, especially the ones that live out of state and in other parts of the world enjoy FREE ACH Direct deposit directly to your banking account, but If you still enjoy seeing a real check show up in your mailbox every month, we can send one to you too! It's totally up to you!



Q: Are you insured for General Commercial Liability and Errors & Omissions? 


A: Both! We have Errors & Ommissions insurance, and General Liability Insurance!



What are your Fees?



Q: What is your monthly fee?


A: It depends on how many properties you have, but our fees are the lowest in Kentucky! You can view our pricing guide here (just scroll down to the bottom of the page) but typically our management fees are 9% of the monthly rent for single-family homes and 5%-8% for multi-family and commercial!  




Q: What is the charge for signing a new lease?


A: When we need to find a new Tenant for your property our Leasing fee is half of the first month's rent!




Q: What is the fee for a lease renewal?


A: If your Tenant decides to stay and wants to sign another lease we do not charge another 1/2 months rent leasing fee. Our Lease renewal fee is only $195.00!




Q: If the property is empty, do you charge the monthly fee?


A: Never, it's our job to keep your property leased, so when your not making money, we don't either. We do not charge any fees when the property is empty!




Q: Do you charge to file an eviction? If so, how much do you charge?


A: No, we do not charge to file or represent you in court for an eviction. The only expenses you will have are an attorney and court fees which typically are around $180.00 (varies by state and location).




Q: What is the average eviction time in this area?


A: On average an eviction in Kentucky can take around 25 - 35 days. Once the Tenant is late we place a 7-day notice on the door, if the tenant hasn't paid after those 7 days are up we will file a forcible detainer with the County Court. The County will give us a court date and then the Judge will give them 7 days to either pay if we choose to accept the payment or move out of the property. Evictions do not take months and months like some say if it is done right!  In the Cincinnati market, we post a 3 day notice to start the process.




Q: Do you charge to turn on utilities?


A: No, we handle all the utilities for you and make sure the Tenant put the utilities into their names before move in! We take care of it all!




Q: Do you have an in-house maintenance crew or do you contract out? Is work billed to me at cost or cost plus your additional fee?


A: Realiant uses both our in-house maintenance crew and contractors. If the repair request is simple like a toilet leaking, painting, door lock issues, etc. we can handle those types of jobs in house for way cheaper than third-party contractors! Realiant has a full maintenance staff available 24/7 365! 


For more difficult issues or issues requiring a licensed contractor in that field such as HVAC replacements, Water Heaters, etc. Realiant has several contractors whom give us the best price possible and always put our jobs ahead of others! Plus we DO NOT add any other costs or mark-ups to contractors bills like other management companies do! Whatever they bill is what you pay, nothing more!




Q: Do you require that any contractor/vendor you use to be licensed/bonded/insured?


A: YES, We require all contractors and vendors to be both licensed, bonded, and insured!




Q: After a tenants lease is up do you just let it switch to month to month? Or do you renew the lease?


A: It's up to you! We typically want to sign a new lease with a Tenant but if You and the Tenant both want to do month-month then it's fine with us!



Q: Will you contact me for repair approvals whenever there is a work order repair needed?


A: Yes, Realiant will obtain prior approval of Owner for any item(s) or work order service in excess of $200. If you have a multi-family property or would like to increase that amount we can do that!



Property / Tenant Inspections!



Q: How often do you perform interior and exterior inspections?


A: Of course we will do a move-in inspection and move- out inspection but we will also do an inspection EVERY 6 MONTHS! Every inspection we do will be a detailed report that will include pictures of everything. In fact, you can see an example of our inspection reports here! 


If you would like your property inspected more than every 6 months and the typical move-in and move-out inspection we can conduct an inspection anytime you would like for $59.00.



Q: Do your handymen/contractors give you the scoop on what’s going inside a property (mini-inspection) when they do service calls?


A: YES, Every time our maintenance crew goes to your property for a work order request, they will also take a look around the property and make sure everything is normal and in good condition, they report this information back to your properties property manager!










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