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Submit a Maintenance / Repair Request

Emergency Requests


If you have an emergency request only, please call us immediately.


(859) 756-0106 ( press *4)


If the situation involves a serious water leak, locate the main water valve in your rental property/unit and turn it to the off/closed position.


In case of fire always call "911" before contacting Realiant.




Non-Emergency Requests


To better serve you, please make all non-emergency maintenance requests online through your RPM account.


  • If you already have a login + password, login and then click “Submit Maintenance Request” and fill out the required fields.



*Tenants please be advised that any issue found to be caused by tenant or by tenant negligence will be the responsibility of the tenant including being responsible for all repair costs and damages.



*Changing HVAC Filters is the tenant's required resposibility. If RPM maintenace or our HVAC Contractor finds HVAC issue caused by the filters not being replaced regulary (every 1 - 2 months) then the tenant will be responsible for any repair costs and damages.

Before you Submit or call about Maintenance Requests,

Try these solutions first!

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