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Does your property need to be renovated? We can help! Our renovation services can get your property back into rental condition for the lowest price and the fastest amount of time so you can start bringing in rental income asap! Take a look at some of our recent renovations below!

Did we mention we can save you thousands with our in-house property maintenance and re-hab services. 

3199 Yellowstone, Lexington, KY


This before and after is amazing. This older duplex had deteriating wood siding that was in disrepair.


The property owner called us to re-side the property, and make it look new again.


We were able to completely revamp the outside of this property in only 2 days for a cost of $2,800.00.


The property owner recieved other quotes of $3,700 to $4,800.00 from other companies!


Does the outside of your property need a facelift?

115 Lynnwood Dr, Nicholasville, KY


This before and after takes more than one picture to show the full story of just how bad this property was.


The property owner called us after evicting a horrible tenant that completely trashed their property. This property needed all new paint, new carpet, 16 huge drywall holes re drywalled and bathrooms completely remodeled.


We were able to completely renovate this property in only 1 week!



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