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Move-In  / Move-Out / Routine Inspections

Experienced Landlords understand the importance and benefits of conducting both a Move-in inspection and a corresponding Move-out inspection. However, the best way to protect a rental property is also completing a routine mid-lease term inspection.


The lack of proper and routine inspections may cause a landlord may be surprised to find, unknown damage that has been ignored; Signs of criminal activity, code enforcement violations which can lead to fines, prolonged vacancies, and even forfeiture; or dangerous conditions like environmental hazards, blocked exits, dangerous unauthorized pets, or unknown occupants. Any one of these conditions can spell income loss for landlords, yet many are uncomfortable conducting routine rental inspections. Don’t wait to become a victim. Consider the economics, and invest in having a professional rental inspector complete the inspections on your properties.


Realiant handles all aspects of the inspections.


1. When you have Realiant conduct your Move-In and Move-Out inspections we will schedule them with the Tenant as soon as the Lease is signed and as soon as you receive their Move- Out notice.


2. For Routine in-lease inspections, we contact the Tenant and inform them of the Date and Time of the inspections and we also encourage them to be present during the inspection.


3. We post a legal inspection notice to the property/tenants front door, notifying them of the Date and Time of the Inspection.


4. We keep the focus of the inspection on the condition of the property, sometimes Landlords who have grown to know their Tenants on a personal level conduct inspections too quickly too avoid the awkwardness of going through their personal space and often this results in looking over key areas of the property that need to be inspected. Having us inspect your properties also eliminates any confrontation between the Landlord and Tenant if there are issues found. We take the personal feelings aside and conduct a thorough professional inspection.


5. We explain to tenants that they benefit from the inspection, too. A properly inspected unit is safer, has less need of repair, and a clean inspection increases the likelihood that the tenant will receive their full security deposit back.


6. We allow the tenant the chance to talk to us about the condition of the property. We Encourage them to make a list of any items they think should be checked or repaired. That’s a good way to reduce damage from neglected repairs and at the same time foster cooperation with the tenant, which is key to keeping the property in good condition.


7. Every inspection we do is detailed, includes 20+ pictures of all areas and issues, and we also have the Tenant sign the inspection report!


View an example of our professional Inspection here!


All of these inspections are included in are Management Service, but if you are not using us as your property manager we do offer this service as an a la carte service. If you are a Landlord and would like to order an inspection of your property please fill out the form below.

Inspection Pricing:

All of our inspections are $59.00 per inspection if purchased individually. 

If you would like Realiant to complete all 3 inspections, you can purchuse the 3 inspection bundle up front for $129.00. (A savings of $60.00)

*Multi - Family Complex Inspections - Realiant does offer discounted inspection prices to Multi-Family Landlords when we complete multiple Inspections on the same day. Contact us for a free quote!

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