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Buying - If you are looking to add to your Real Estate portfolio or are a first time investor we offer 1 % Cash Back at the closing when you use Realiant as your Brokerage Representation. We will show you the property and give you a detailed prospective rental report. We will let you know exactly what we will be able to rent the property for and your ROI.




Selling - If you are thinking about selling a property, Realiant offers a discounted commission when you use Realiant as your Selling Brokerage. Our discounted commission fee is a variable fee of 4.5-5.0%.  


Realiant's experienced agents can assist you with the selling and the purchasing any property, whether it be residential or commercial.


For more information about our aggressive marketing approach and competitive listing fees or client representation please contact us at (859) 756-0106 or email us at

Investment Buying / Selling Representation
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